Provisos when using the True Type Fonts

Suitable for Mac and PC. Instant zipped file downloads, with easy clickable Installation, the same as any other TTF. 

The Naked Alphabet is primarily an art alphabet, and whilst the true type fonts work well as they are, the professional or purist typographer will want to fine-tune or kern the characters for best effect. In fact, The Naked Alphabet actually works at its best, when characters are individually arranged, overlapped and used in different sizes.  

All letters and numerals are included, but only the most common punctuation symbols are available. Please see the examples above to see the full range of characters available in each font variation. If a glyph is missing, please try the alternative case (upper or lower) and it may be available there, however you may need to adjust the size accordingly. If the glyph is still not available, it will be substituted by your default font. 

Lower and Uppercase are the same images, but different in size, with uppercase being larger than lowercase. So capitalisation is denoted by a slightly larger version of the same letter. On some occasions, you may have to be creative and use a mix of upper and lowercase, as some words will look better that way. 

The Naked Alphabet TTF is not like a conventional illustrated typeface. This one has been hand made from photographs by humans, with all of the idiosyncrasies that brings. So if you find any faults, we are sorry….but we are only Human!!

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